Teacher as Reader and Writer

In my intent to remember my experiences with writing, I wrote this vignette. I found the experience to be a true reflection of me. I wonder how interesting it is that I did not write about the teacher that taught me to write my first academic papers. Instead, I wrote about the teacher that made me write meaningful stories in a very different way.

My hope is to inspire children just as much as my – once teacher – did with me. To find people like the ones I read about in Muses Go To School, from our Professional Practice Seminar.


Writing a Vignette

“Writing a first draft is very much like watching a Polaroid develop. You can’t – and, in fact, you’re not supposed to – know exactly what the picture is going to look like until it has finished developing” (Lamott 39).

After finishing my vignette a culminating project for my Writing and Methods class, I realize how long it still takes me to gather my ideas and write them down. I was reminded about the long process before getting to the final draft. First you write then you write some more then you revise. You read it to others and then you revise again.