Field Trip

Two field trips in one week it was really nice to take some time out of school and learn with students about Space at the National Geographic Live Speaker Series at Benaroya Hall in Seattle with speaker Kevin Peter Hand @alienoceans. I was amazed at how engaged the crowd was with the speaker. He talked with a very full house about “The Search for Life Beyond Earth.” Then two days later students learned how to make A Choose Your Own Adventure Story. Very fun! Students made a book and called it “Clowny with a chance of Plane Crash.” I loved that writing can be so much fun. Students started to write a story with the help of several volunteers at 826 Seattle. A well hidden little place in Seattle where people volunteer their time to teach children how to write and have fun with writing. It is also a place to help students with writing homework after school.

I think that without volunteers and a well planned schedule, the trips would not have been possible. I have to say that I have learned very much from just seen what goes into planning such outings and how much one can trust that parents will be willing to lend a hand. Even without a word of English.

book cover       Inside Book


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