Reflection #8

For our final class, I really liked looking at the posters that we made at the beginning of our eight days together revisiting the information. It was also nice to see where we were as a class with our confidence to talk about Health and Fitness with our students. When looking back at our charts, I was surprised at how little we focused on how to organize our information and focused more on content. I think that there is nothing wrong with what we want to teach but that we need to have the right balance of content and organization, in order for us to be able to talk about any subject.
Food Journal
The food journals made me realize how little I take care of my body. I have stopped taking care of my body the way that I use to because I always see others more important than taking care of myself. I think it is really hard to honestly say that I will start working out and eating the right things if I am not going to be consistent. The hardest part for me will be to accept another way of life that is less stressed out and relaxed for my well being and for the people I love.


Reflection #6

Today the first half of class was micro-teaching and I think that the groups did a great job at handling the space and adjusting to what we had. I think that they did great in the small classroom we were in.
For the second half of class we got to do extremely fun activities with words and looking at objects while also looking and holding a human brain and heart, it was really interactive. I thought it was a great way to get our mind to think about what is going on with the body. Getting our brains to do things and process information is even more enhanced by the experience of getting to actually hold human organs. I imagine that doing something similar with students would be an experience that they would not forget.

Reflection #1

My initial thought about the health and fitness class was that there is so much for me to learn still. I was interested in the activity that brought out the ways in which we communicate with others and how this has an effect on children. The activity made me really self-conscience of the importance of having a common language. Giving instructions to children is so important and if we are not able to do this then we may have a hard time teaching a lesson.
The Chart activity made me see that my lens for health and fitness is very narrow. It made me think of the children I want to have an impact on, and that there must be better ways to educate Latinos about health. Drugs and alcohol are not a topic that I have any strength in, neither is sex education. I also thought about the world because I can relate health and food to global studies. It made me think of everything children have an impact on. I thought of children in the lunch room and how disconnected they are from the food they eat. I think of my own experience of not knowing where my food came from until I was working in a factory farm.
There are many things that are covered in health education and I look forward to learning more about it.