Taking a risk with technology

After two weeks in the class all alone it was sort of a risk to also incorporate technology into the class. It is an exciting time by the second week of take over and I attempted to start a Wikispace with my class. You might wonder what about. Well it is !Biografías en español! (Biographies in Spanish) Students have been working hard on their biografías. They started out just reading in groups, talking about a specific person. I developed a graphic organizer that students could use to make notes about the biographies. I modeled with the life of Cesar Chavez: Passions, Impacts (people, events that had impact on the individual), Contributions, and Legacy. Now they get to read and write about one or more individuals that they find interesting. I found it really cool that they all had different ideas for their biografías and the students that needed the extra support with one person could actually use the one they read about to use for their writing. I have continued to use the graphic organizer to develop writing lessons. Now  each student had his/her own password to work on the wiki at their own time and during our biografías time in class. I consulted with the Technology teacher and he was incredibly supportive with the project. The most exciting thing is that it is a Common Core expectation that by the 6th grade students should be exploring things like Wikispaces. We will continue to work on the writing and we will see how it all turns out!


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