Reflection #3

In the discussion about abuse the first concept that stood out to me was the part of “protecting the child first” and the concern for the family should come second. I really struggled with this because like a classmate suggested if we are trying to build community what makes sense is to include parents. However after thinking a bit I concluded that building community should be a foundation, that we have already established and we should feel confident that reporting will ultimately benefit the child. I realized that there could be great benefit for intervention in a struggling home. In any of the areas of abuse report will help a child be in a safe environment that does not interrupt learning and helps a child be healthy and happy. For families of different cultures intervention may help those who are struggling to find better ways to deal with a hard situation. I also struggled with this idea because it almost seemed like other cultures have to comply no matter what, yet having a set of standards may be good to have if utilized correctly. I had a hard time putting my own cultural beliefs aside and my own experiences as a child with social workers instead I tried to focus on how the intervention might have helped my family and how this will help children.