To Be a Great Teacher

The last few weeks or months I have been thinking about myself as an Educator. Becoming Una Maestra has been my childhood dream but the journey has been long and grueling. At this point it would be silly to give up. However, I have really begun to fear that I don’t have what it takes to be a great teacher. I have fought hard not to give up but this is hard.

It takes great skill and courage to go out into a school and be the great teacher I envision myself to be.

Do I have the skills? Am I brave enough to face the challenges ahead of me? Can I be professional, speak up and collaborate?

These questions have been giving me nightmares and have made me freeze in my tracks. Absolutely, I have opinions and yes I want to contribute to my community but I have also let fears creep back in about who I am. I can’t possibly represent so many voices that are not heard, how am I suppose to do that?

I could take it a step at a time and also recognize that everything we do takes time to learn and hopefully this will be enough to begin with.