Taking Over

Leading up to my takeover in the classroom I started teaching solo a little more. Writing some of the lesson targets for the day on the board, and writing a chunk of the parent newsletter. Then the day that I started, my hand shook so much, not being able to put up the agenda on the board. Somehow it felt like I was stepping into a territory that was not mine. All of the board suddenly felt enormous. I managed to write everything on the board and I started my day with students alone in the classroom. I thought I would not be able to manage the days in the weeks. However it turned out alright. The first week I delivered the third MSP test and by the last two days I was really teaching alone. With my CT taking the days of all the planning was not run by her and I was really the only teacher.

I was a little nervous writing the first parent letter because in a way I was making myself really responsible for the students learning. Writing my second letter all alone to parents was a much easier than the first. What I am happy about is that I was gradually able to add a little here and there about what I was teaching before I took over. It made the process a lot easier!

Even though my last day of takeover is actually over, I will continue to teach a little longer. I will finish up Biografias on the Wikispaces and math before going back to co-teaching.

First Day                                                                                                           Last official day

Day one of takeover      Last day of take over


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