Checking Out “Of Mice and Marginalization”

Yesterday I read an article in Rethinking Schools titled “Of Mice and Marginalization” by Michelle Kenney. I was so engaged by the article because it addressed the issue of incorporating social justice issues into the curriculum. The author discusses how difficult it was for her to confront parents who thought that it was better to read Of Mice and Men rather than A Long Way Gone, to prepare students for AP classes and college. She continued to discuss how challenging it was to see her African American, and Latino/a student’s check out in class.

The part that I was most engrossed by was the part of minority students checking out. Although the article was targeting highs school children, I wondered about younger students being exposed to material that reflects who they are, also strong and powerful figures that students can look up to.

I wonder how flexible a teacher can be when some schools have no room for flexibility and an agenda that need to be fulfilled.