Reflection #7

I taught my micro-lesson and it was a great experience. Although I thought it was a terrible feeling during the lesson. I appreciate that we were recorded while teaching our lesson because we are our hardest critics. I usually do not get to see myself in a presentation and I always assume that I do extremely terrible talking in front of others, but it is not as bad as I think it is. However I also did notice that my ability to think up questions in the spot was difficult for me to do. It might be possible that if I pace myself I might be able to come up with clear thoughts to articulate in class. From the lesson itself I think that I could have done better if we would have integrated one activity into the other like getting to talk about words as we played the video and then writing them on the board as we went along.
We also did some discussion about The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, one of the thoughts that I had during the discussion was about our disconnect with cultures other than our own, I think that there is little tolerances and without it we are not able to discuss and solve issues. There is great divide and disparity in how people feel about other cultures and I can see it reflected in how we interact with each other. It makes me scared for how we will present ourselves to families. We truly are afraid of knowing or admitting that we don’t know because the assumption is that we do we know everything. The thought that comes to my mind is that as adults taking college level classes we are given blank maps to fill out and for the most part we would fail to know where anything is. My point is that if we are not able to even pinpoint it on a map how can we even begin to understand others.