Reflection #1

My initial thought about the health and fitness class was that there is so much for me to learn still. I was interested in the activity that brought out the ways in which we communicate with others and how this has an effect on children. The activity made me really self-conscience of the importance of having a common language. Giving instructions to children is so important and if we are not able to do this then we may have a hard time teaching a lesson.
The Chart activity made me see that my lens for health and fitness is very narrow. It made me think of the children I want to have an impact on, and that there must be better ways to educate Latinos about health. Drugs and alcohol are not a topic that I have any strength in, neither is sex education. I also thought about the world because I can relate health and food to global studies. It made me think of everything children have an impact on. I thought of children in the lunch room and how disconnected they are from the food they eat. I think of my own experience of not knowing where my food came from until I was working in a factory farm.
There are many things that are covered in health education and I look forward to learning more about it.


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